Spaceship China


From ancient kingdoms to future possibilities,

From Confucius to the Bund,

From the gripping to the absurd,

from the inspirational to the decidedly toxic

we explore

through SpaCeShipChina

the complex, fluctuating, realities

of a rapidly changing country

Author: Debbie

immersed in the ancient culture of china, and its constantly changing facades.... a traveller through time and space landing in suzhou of the 21st century.... australian by birth, traveller by nature, mother of a beautiful ten-year-old

7 thoughts on “Spaceship China”

  1. Hi there,
    I really like your blog ! I no absolutely nothing about China and considering how large a part of our world it is , I will try to make an effort to pop by again . You need to be heard. We need educating.
    I read The Wild Swans years ago and Geisha Girl last year. But that’s about it.
    My daughter and her dad have been to China.
    My world is small….


    1. Hi Ros…

      the fear of the ‘yellow peril’ is still large in the west, in many ways.

      my adopted country is an amazing place, with so much history… and so much that is relevant to today and the future..

      so my aim is to try and reach out.. to people like you…. to explain a bit about this amazing place. the world needs understanding, not guns and wars.

      wild swans is just the beginning…..

      thanks for posting



  2. thanks Emma! i love the title of your blog too! imagining the future….the words of an old song whose title i can’t remember often swirl around in my mind…”you’ve gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna make your dream come true”…. so we can dream, imagine, the new world into reality…
    have a happy day


      1. Ι don’t know if it’s too much to ask, but how about the types of noodles and names? Generally Chinese food is really intriguing to me! do you have any favourites? I am food obsessed, I admit!


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