Black Chicken Soup

Winter’s a great time for chicken soup,

In China, the best chicken soup is made from black chicken, or

乌鸡   wūjī


The soup is traditionally used for mothers who have just given birth, or those recovering from a common cold or flu. It’s also just great for those cold winter nights.

The chicken’s feathers are black and the meat is a darker colour, and the taste is richand meaty. The soup made from the wūjī, is dark, tasty, nutritious… and…did we say tasty?

Like most poultry eaten in China, it’s not bought frozen from the supermarket, but fresh from the local market stall – beheaded, plucked and defeathered after you choose your chicken of choice.


Perfect with wild mountain mushrooms from Dongbei!

Author: Debbie

immersed in the ancient culture of china, and its constantly changing facades.... a traveller through time and space landing in suzhou of the 21st century.... australian by birth, traveller by nature, mother of a beautiful ten-year-old

12 thoughts on “Black Chicken Soup”

  1. pity you couldn’t give the recipe – its an interesting slant on the old jewish chicken soup cures all – be nice to know how its made – smile
    sites looking good!


  2. made pretty simply Julz, like most chicken soups.. through the chicken into the pot, add a few veges and herbs, simmer away! and really it is very very hearty and extremely delicious. i gave some to a friend who had a bad cold and she was cured almost instantly! ( smile, well, she felt a bit better for a while!)
    thanks for dropping by.


    1. it is! coincidentally, i just had some for dinner tonight! the meat is more tender than ordinary chicken and the black skin is slippery and delicious, not as
      fatty as other chicken skin. Yum! thanks for dropping by tonight Jeann 🙂

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      1. Anytime! and yes yes! that’s how the black chicken taste like. I had it quite often when I was a child. My mom would bring me to the wet market and you pick the chicken and they kill it right on the spot for you to bring home. I don’t see them anymore in Singapore after the government stop wet market from selling live chickens …..


      2. oh, what a shame! I think ours was bought already – um, a corpse.. lol.. but i didnt buy it so I’m not sure.
        a lot of westerners baulk at seeing live chickens live fish etc at the markets, i just consider if you are going to eat meat, be aware of what you are doing, you are taking an animal’s life, be aware of it, dont hide behind the prepackaged meat in the supermarket. my mother still will not eat chicken meat because when she was a kid her mum killed the chickens in the back yard to cook for dinner. my mum thought of them as her friends and wouldnt eat them. they are really so yum, and so nutritious, what a shame you cant get them any more!

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      3. whahahahaha! your mom is sweet! Our government stop that for hygiene reasons. same here ! certain animal I won’t eat because I consider them as pet like the geese …. also my paternal family used to have a temple, so they need to slaughter chickens , geese etc for offerings and food for the people that came to the temple. Back in the old days this is how we live and it’s part of our culture . These days the young generations would not know or would have been through the way of life I had when I was a child, more westernize I would say whereby someone else behind the scene do the slaughtering and we feel better and okay buying the corpse whahahahahaha!

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  3. Yes that is where the problem arises = greedy commercial fishing companies overfishing the oceans, and individual recreational fishermen and women dont find any fish left in the sea. its a shame how your country is being westernised. there’s an old maxim “you are what you eat” and whilst i personally dont really like seeing the animal slaughtered in front of my eyes i accept that its a better way to be concious about what one eats.


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