Architecture of Symmetry – Suzhou


Garden of the Master of the Nets ~ one of Suzhou’s classical gardens, almost 900 years old. The ‘Net’ garden is smaller than many of Suzhou’s others – but it’s concentrated mix of pavilions, ponds, borrowed views and classical architecture make it a cosy, relaxing place.

Windows in Garden of the Master of the Nets

Note the symmetry of the windows, in their carpentry and positions…

Pavillion in Garden of the Master of the Nets

The perfect symmetry of the book case gives the room an aesthetic, scholarly feel.

Suzhou Gardens
Window in Master of Nets Garden, Suzhou

The intricately carved window frames with its balance and symmetry, the view into the garden.

Window in Wang Shi Yuan, Suzhou

The ‘borrowed view’ from the windows brings the eye to focus on the intriguing shape of the rock outside.

Suzhou architecture
Suzhou Railway Station

The ancient architectural style of Suzhou with its geometric, symmetrical shapes has been honoured by modern-day architects. The Suzhou Railway Station brings visual recall of the old town, with its many classical gardens.

Roof in the Suzhou Museum

The amazing architect IM PEI, responsible for the Glass Pyramid near the Lourve, and the Bank of China building in Hong Kong, designed the Suzhou Museum to honour his hometown. The ceiling has wooden slats  echoing the Suzhounese window style.

Courtyard of Suzhou Museum

The Suzhou Museum, designed by IM Pei, with it’s white-washed walls and geometric symmetry, echoing the old style of Suzhou architecture.

Classical style Jiangnan Suzhou architecture, from the ancient to the new.






Author: Debbie

immersed in the ancient culture of china, and its constantly changing facades.... a traveller through time and space landing in suzhou of the 21st century.... australian by birth, traveller by nature, mother of a beautiful ten-year-old

13 thoughts on “Architecture of Symmetry – Suzhou”

  1. I love these images of old Suzhou, and what a beautiful blending of the old and the new. My favorite is that shelf with the perfect symmetry of the vases. It reminds me a bit of the Mesa I care for.


  2. Yes I love that one too. It is a beautiful tranquil feeling, walking into that room.
    Even when it is crowded with many tourists – the integrity of the room, with its balance of symmetry, gives off a very peaceful feeling. thank you for dropping by.\


    1. Thanks for dropping by Fimnora. Indeed, that’s why I love the gardens – you have captured the essence –
      intricate set simplicity. I love going there even with crowds of people, the gardens are so peaceful.


  3. I didn’t realize that I M Pei was from Suzhou. I am used to his pyramids (symmetry personified), so it is great to see that he is more versatile. I love the windows. The symmetry, not so much. It is just a matter of taste.


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