Reinvention of the Wall

Photographs capture a sense of space, a sense of time… sometimes ethereal, something that we can’t always put into words.

–That’s why I participate in the Word Press Photo Challenge. Every Saturday morning, I wake up and check out what the weekly theme is. Last week it was orange.  Okay – how was I going to link orange to my modus operandi  and focus of this blog – China.

Then the inimitable Kimmie came along. I had no idea there was so much orange in my home – perhaps Kimmie smuggled it all in when i wasn’t looking.

So this morning,  I woke up to find that this weeks challenge is WALL.

WALL. I mean really. if last week’s challenge was difficult – this one was dead easy. seems like it was perfectly tailored for my blog. Everyone’s heard of the Wall, everyone associates China with the Great Wall.

Great Wall at Yellow Flower Town

But which Wall.??

You see, there are actually many “Great Walls” –  and like the byline for this blog – travelling across China through time and space – “the Wall” has reinvented itself, continuously, across time.

Dynasties come and dynasties go, walls get rebuilt. That’s why i like this one

Huang Hua Great Wall

The Yellow Flower Great Wall, in a little township outside of Beijing.IMG_0482


It’s in a state of disrepair. Hasn’t been rebuilt recently for the tourist hordes.

IMG_2241Tourists? What tourists? Isn’t there something unusual about the above photo – hey! no people! in China? could not be….

The Huang Hua Great Wall isn’t easy to get to – you have to hire a car and driver ( if you don’t have one yourself) but it’s worth the effort,  to be able to enjoy the Wall, almost all to yourself.



Originally – like sometime way back in the times we call “BC” – there were many Walls, protecting the various nation states that made up China at the time. When the famed Qin Shihuang came to power, and united China, he embarked on a massive construction project. The building of 长 成 – Chang Cheng, the Long Wall – consisted of new portions, but also united existing walls.

In fact, there is just so much to say about Walls and China – along with the Great Wall – there are city walls, temple walls, walls in the Forbidden City, walls with gates, ancient walls, newly built refurbished walls – that I have decided that this weeks blog posts will be all about the Wall.  All kinds of Walls. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy the inimitable  黄花长成 - Huang Hua Da Cheng – Yellow –Flower Great Wall.




wall6 wall7 wall8



A note about the photos: the astute reader may notice that some pictures are blue skies, and other’s grey. That’s because the first time I went to Huang Hua Great Wall, was in 2002. Blue skies weren’t so uncommon then.

I returned in 2008 – let’s just say the day was overcast. A couple of astute readers may also remember doe of these photos 🙂

All the photos belong to me – if you want to copy, save, paste, put elsewhere on th enet or other public or private places, please acknowledge the source of the photos from this blog. Thank you for your integrity in doing so. :)—-


Author: Debbie

immersed in the ancient culture of china, and its constantly changing facades.... a traveller through time and space landing in suzhou of the 21st century.... australian by birth, traveller by nature, mother of a beautiful ten-year-old

4 thoughts on “Reinvention of the Wall”

  1. Yes…I think of all the blogs I visit, the Spaceship China blog would have no difficulties with this one. I had the opposite experience with orange, which turned out to be easy (I submitted two) as I did not realized I had so many orange hued photos. Your Kimmie post was so fun and creative by the way.

    But, wall…really? You are right, everyone associates the Great Wall with China. I appreciate reading that there are MANY great walls there, and to get a feel for the ones you visited through your great photos.

    Lately, the words “inclusive” and “exclusive” have been swirling around my mind…and how walls protect, but also exclude.


  2. HI Lola Jane, thanks for dropping by, and for jumping on board the spaceship.
    I’m glad you get a feel for the Wall via the photos.’inclusive’ and ‘exclusive’ indeed – i have been juggling around in my head another post about how in some people’s theories the Wall was built to keep people in, rather than out. my guess is it worked both ways.


  3. I look forward to seeing that post then, Debbie. I will probably do the same, since if something is swirling around our thoughts that much, one should probably explore “Why”, right? Perhaps you are right, the walls work both ways.

    This happened recently for me with thinking of whales (of all things to think about!) so I revisited a post I had about remnants of an old pier nearby, and found out all sorts of information on the shore whaling history in Monterey Bay (heartbreaking and horrific, and thank goodness we now celebrate migrating whales in this area in our modern times, instead of killing them). Sometimes it is good to follow upon these things..,.


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