Chinese Universities become competitive

Long term Readers will notice its been quite some time since our last Spaceship China post. The posts here will probably continue to appear at random, and certainly not as regular as they used to. In the meantime, thought you all might enjoy reading about the growth in credibility in Chinese Universities!

In the latest World University ratings, recently published, 11 Chinese universities appear in the top 100. Tsinghua University in Beijing is one of China’s most famous universities. It is now Number 17 in the world rankings.

Tsing Hua university

Tsinghua University ( the name would know by phoneticised as Qing Hua) was established early in the 20th Century. In the aftermath of the Boxer Rebellion and the 8-allied powers invasion of China, western countries agreed to pay China millions of dollars in indemnity for illegal invasion.

The United States was one of the few countries to pay. Amounting to tens of millions of dollars, the repatriation included the establishment of Tsinghua University.

School of Architecture, Tsing Hua university.

Primarily a research University, it also boosts a growing Mandarin language school for foreigners to study Chinese language. It’s also been recognised as a global leader in Engineering and Computer science, named as the world’s best in those disciplines in 2017.

Alumini include a number of China’s highest level politicians – current Prime Minister Xi Jinping, previous PM Hu Jintao and his Premier Zhu Rongji. Graduates also include two nobel prize winners ( physicists Tsung Dao Lee and Yang Chen Ning), co-inventor of the combined contraceptive pill Min Chueh Chang, poet Mu Dan and famous Qing dynasty reformist Liang Qichaoti

Tsinghua University’s ratings have been growing – it was global Number 25 last year. It even has it’s own Facebook page!

The times, they are a-changing!


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