Swan River

Swans have been sited recently on wetlands in the Yellow River, in Shaanxi, Western China.

Every year nearly 10,000 swans fly from Siberia, escaping the harsh northern winter.

Sadly, however, over 200 swans were found dead in a lake in Inner Mongolia, about 300 kilometres north of Beijing. The swans were found laced with Carbofuram a type of pesticide. News reports blame poachers.

This lake, in Sanmenxa, Henan, is also a migratory stop for swans from Siberia.



The swans rest on the Yellow River in Shaanxi ….


Then take off in flight


yàn què ān zhī hóng hú zhī zhì

is a common Chinese idiom

It means can the sparrow and the swallow know the will of the Great Swan?

Pictures and news source from http://www.china.daily.com



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