Conversations at the Teahouse

Conversations at the Teahouse

The Teahouse is a place for conversations, for highlighting reader’s comments, to start new discussions, or to simply hang out, relax with a virtual cuppa, and see where you end up. 

Unknown-1Comments and new discussions welcome! Please help yourself to a virtual cuppa!

 “What a great blog! I’ve lived in China for nearly a year now, but in two more months will be coming back to Europe permanently. Still, China will always stay close to my heart and I’ll keep coming back here to see it through your eyes. Love from Dalian, Liaoning”

from Dancer in the Waves


Your site is an astonishing discovery! …. It’s takin’ off. I’ll be back for more liftoffs!

Catherine Hamrick


From Imelda

The relief is simply gorgeous. Your photos show the many faceted artistry of the Chinese people


from Curtis Bausse

Qn: Lovely post, Debbie. Yes, that first pic is very atmospheric – Btw, I always said Tao – is there a difference or are both correct?


Tao is the old “wade giles” phonetisication of the Chinese character 道 , just like Bejing used to be rendered Peking under the Wade Giles system.Under the “pin yin” system, which was introduced in 1949, 道 is phoneticesd as Dao.


This is a wonderful tribute to this very eclectic and thriving community. You are an amazing blogger yourself, and are so giving in your support. It’s a pleasure to have had the chance to exchange ideas!

Thanks, Fimnora

Unknown-1Another one from Curtis:

Thanks, Debbie, that’s a great post – your support and encouragement have been wonderful all along, right back to blogging 101. 


Sounja said

 How poetic. I would love to see the words ‘cat’ and ‘computer’ in Chinese.

Here they are, Sounja



Hi Debbie,
That’s one unique about page you have got here. Interesting, and how ! 🙂
I’m onboard your spaceship

from Arundhati Mukherjee


Great post. I’m going to give this to some of my students who overuse their phones, and some who will be writing papers on mobile phones/technology, so thanks, again!!

Badfish Outa Water and his students

Do you like your chicken black?

Anytime! and yes yes! that’s how the black chicken taste like. I had it quite often when I was a child. My mom would bring me to the wet market and you pick the chicken and they kill it right on the spot for you to bring home     Jeanne Mcpherson


I love this post and the video was great– the expression on those researchers’ faces! It’s my uplifting inspiration for the week. I’ve been following the plight of amur tigers due to a breeding programme in a wildlife park close to where I live. Also very fascinated by them.

Thanks, Safar. Have you written anything about tai chi at all?      Not yet, Safar, but I’ll be sure to tell you when i do!


Greta said Debbie, Thank you for the eye opening information– I wish more people could be exposed to this side of the technological madness. Your article has opened my mind to many more questions about what goes on which isn’t shared with the masses (alongside all of the exuberant marketing of the newest and greatest.)


I enjoyed this post very much! Great way to learn about China.

Lucile de Godoy

Join the discussion!

On the devaluation of the Yuan:

Yan  Balczewski commented :Even though the devaluation of Chinese Yuan is fairly small compared with other currencies, it has been causing some waves in the business world at US

ON calligraphy  

Thank you for this lovely meditation about intentional writing and drawing as an art form and portal to discovery. Soul-stirring and informative without being long-winded!

from Leslie

13 thoughts on “Conversations at the Teahouse”

  1. Dear Readers and Spaceship Ticketholders and Stowaways, you can join in any of the conversations highlighted by clicking on the first words in each comment – that will take you directly to the page. OR, you can add your comments here directly in the Teahouse.
    If you wish to know more about the lovely people who have made such interesting comments, you can click on their name, and hopefully that takes you directly to their blog!

    The Teahouse is also simply a place to hang out, and start new conversations. Just hit the reply button!

    Happy Reading and happy commenting!

    Vroom…<<>> ..


  2. DEBBIE,
    YOU DA MAN, WOMAN!!! You did it. And you know, it was always your idea in the first place. So congrats on DOING it. It’s a very cool idea. And cool that you made it a tea house. And cool that you inserted the links to other sites. Just very cool, all around, girl. I would never have been able to pull it off, nor keep up with it!! Can’t keep up with the one I have. Takes me forever to do something. How come I meet all the people who actually DO things, but I can’t ever do anything myself…is all I want to know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Badfish, thanks for dropping by to the Teahouse.
      Please dont put yourself down, Badfish. You DO DO things – you write a pretty damn cool blog, which has heaps of followers, regular commentors, conversations within conversations, crazed fanatics who can’t live without your blog … and you do it so naturally, without even trying. Thanks for dropping by to the Teahouse and help yourself to a cuppa!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Badfish, I did have Cher’s version of Walking to Memphis playing here in the teahouse for a while, just in your honour, but it was annoying the other customers so I had to
        take it off the playlist. In ancient China, particularly in Tang dynasty, women in the “Flower Houses” had to be very literate companions – men would come to engage in poetry discussions, listen to classical music, sing songs and generally enjoy the cultured company of a beautiful woman.
        Which is probably where the japanese traditions of geisha came from. I’ll see what I can find from the Tang dynasty for you, Badfish.


      2. Cher did Walking in Memphis?? HA! I might have to check that out if it’s on YouTube. Oh, I just googled her. I love her version because I love her voice (I saw her and Sonny in concert once), but I think I still like the original better.


      3. One afternoon when that song came up on your blog, i listened to youtube Walking in Memphis for hours whilst studying for an exam, and I stumbled upon Cher’s version.
        Wow! I was never really a Cher fan, but I am now. Did you see the original video? If not, you’d better go check it out. You would love it, I guarantee. and, there is a
        suprise in the actor who plays the Elvis impersonator. i put the video up here for a while, then took it down …..
        WC Handy, won’t you look down over me….


    1. hey jane! i see you’ve been jumping around some old posts today 🙂

      thanks for coming out of the cabins and up to the steering section of the spaceship 🙂

      where ( and whence) to now?…. let me know where you’d like to travel next 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Just dropping by to say Hello… I tried to say hello about a year ago, sent emails to all your email addresses, but you did not hear my wind blowing across your heart… I don’t remember what name you knew me as at Star Sisters, only that you came and picked me up and I followed you there.. and danced with you and the others..


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