Going green, the Chinese way

It’s easy to think of China as one of the world’s biggest polluters.

Especially when you live with it every day, and the view outside your window is something like this.


But it’s not quite the total truth. Fact is, China leads the world in renewable energies and is the world’s top investor in clean energies. The Longyangxia Dam Solar Park in Qinghai, western China, has 27 square kilometres of solar panels, with the capacity to produce up to 850MW of power.

photo credit : http://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/02/12/china-is-now-the-worlds-largest-producer-of-solar-power/

Its not just solar power, but wind- power too. It has been estimated that China is building up to 36 wind turbines a day – that’s a lot of wind-power! In total, around 23 gigawatts of wind energy was produced in China in 2016.


China owns some of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturing firms – and plans to use them locally, like this photo of a solar farm in The country also boasts the largest wind turbine manufacturing plant.

Windmill in Donghai, Shanddong China.

China is investing in solar plants in other countries also, like this plant in Pakistan..


photo source http://www.ecobusiness.com

Eco-cities are a new concept in global town planning. Tianjin – a hitherto extremely grey city of fading and desolate architecture, is creating a Green City, which will :”at will house 350,000 people in a low-carbon, green environment around half the size of Manhattan by 2020.” according to a BBC report.

There will be an ‘eco-spine’ with bicycle paths and public transport  – eco-friendly trams -running through the city centre. It will look something like this:

Photo courtesy of the BBC

There’s a lot more investment planned.  2.5trilliion yuan – the equivalent of 292billiion English pounds is being allocated to renewable power generation by 2020.

China is certainly investing hugely in creating a green future – but will it be easy? When money is invested and the political will is to create change, it will occur – but it takes time. Recently a well known politician said, in an emotional television outburst “we will make our skies blue again”.

No-one likes pollution. It’s easy being green, but it takes time, and commitment.






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