that looks like a pie, right?

Sorry, W-R-O-N-G!

it’s a 煎 包

jiān bāo


hang on…. that looks like a pie, right?

Sorry, W-R-O-N-G!

it’s a 煎 包 

 jiān bāo

or fried steamed bun. REALLY?? YUP!

I was in JInan, Shandong, a few days ago ( Shandong is a province between Beijing and Shanghai), and I ordered what I thought would be a fried dumpling. OMG! This thing tasted as delicious as it looks! Beautiful, crisp pastry on the top, and inside……..


yep, noodles. Not just any noodles, mind you, but glassy, delicious   粉 条 , fěn tiáo

Noodles made from rice flour, or, noodles made from mung bean paste, or, Chinese Vermicelli…. mixed with some fried pork bits and an indescribable, moorish taste… ( i had to have two).

And all that WITHOUT a skerrick of MSG!!!!

After 13 years in China, you’d think I’d seen it all, eaten all the various dishes there were to offer, right?

NUP. I had never seen such a thing before… a speciality of Jinan.


Just for the record, noodles are usually  面条 , miàntiáo ,noodles made from wheat.

They are pretty much a staple food, and they are everywhere in China, with many regional differences.

For a bit more about the history and types of noodles, check here.

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