MIrrored View in Classical Gardens

The Unesco Listed World Heritage Suzhou Gardens were composed and built to harmonize human beings and nature. 

The construction principles are complex yet essentially functional: a harmonious mix of rock and stone, water and nature, to create a living space that was at once poetic, meditative and inspirational.

Mirrored views were one principle which created a sense of space, an illusion and illumination, a carefully constructed view to create harmonious aspects.

So naturally placed, so carefully constructed to take full advantage of sunlight, the mirrored view seems like looking through a window.

But it’s a mirror, on the Fragrant Isle.

Mirrored views, also termed borrowed views, aslo placed carefully selected rocks in positions to create an illusion of famous mountains.This rock sculpture is placed before a mirror reflecting back more rock sculptures, the stones speaking to each other in reflected grace.

Sunlight and shadow, mirroring a sculpted window.

an engraved poem, a mirror,a geometric space of beauty.

suzhou first week 218

The Suzhou Classical Gardens – a mirror into another time.


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