A child’s graceful dancing

the gracefulness of silk

of calligraphy


the elegant gracefulness of bridges

of architecture

of women’s dresses emulating the graceful peacock



graceful tea culture

and garden culture

 yet none so graceful

as the generous graciousness

and gracious generousness

of the heart and soul

of the people.


2016 was a difficult year for many, as our long-suffering planet Gaia shook off her pain in so many earthquakes, near-tsunamis, hurricanes and cyclones, and those of us, her inhabitants, suffered the anxious depths of our own lifetimes of toil and trouble, to make the final release, so we may ascend with Gaia, building the new world together,       in 2017

the generous heart of a daughter of the dragon humbled me beyond measure during that year

a graceful, gracious generosity of spirt 

unparalleled, unexpected, overriding all trauma and loss


om mani padme om




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