Relaxing with a cuppa

Spaceship China has a lot of new crew onboard – we have many new followers join us over the past months, and I’ve been meaning to welcome you all aboard with a cuppa.



Nothing better than a cup of tea and a good book to relax  with.

China, of course, is the home of tea, with a history of some 5,000 years….


During the Tang Dynasty, Lu You wrote the 茶经 cha jing – The Tea Classic.


Lu You describes how to make the perfect cup of tea – first, find the perfect source of spring water. Cultivate and harvest the tea, paying attention to the quality of the leaves, first or second growth…. everything is a meditation  of form. Arrange the teaset, boil the water, carefully pour the first cup and toss it, pour the second cup, smell the fragrance, drink slowly….

So, all our new members, and older fellow-travellers, please make yourself at home, relax, check out the Teahouse, where you will find some of our old-timer’s comments, add a few of your own, and join the crew at Spaceship China.

Don’t forget to leave your requests for posts in the reply section – we have some customers waiting for the next in the Traditional Chinese Medicine series…


Dont be shy – have another cuppa and ask away 🙂



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