Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is a traditional style arch bridge in the small town of Mudu, near Suzhou.

Rainbow Bridge on Spaceship China

The Bridge is in the middle of the bustling ‘old town’ with historic homes and old bridges along an ancient canal.

A certain Roy G. Biv is somewhat partial to rainbows and he forms the wordpress photo challenge this week. Roy G. Biv is an anacronym for all the colours of the rainbow, beginning, of course, with

Spaceship China

Red – a colour found everywhere in China


next on the colour spectrum is orange, a colour which signifies Buddhist Monastries


The golden yellow sunsets over Hangzhou

Hangzhou Sunset @ http://www.spaceshipchina.com

next on the colour spectrum is green…

The lush green fields of Ma’anshan, Spaceship China
the turquoise blue plumes of a peacock at Xishuangbanna, Spaceship China

following blue comes indigo and purple…

Xishuanghanna 315
Dancers in Xishuangbanna, China

Rainbows come shaped like an arch, and the tradtional curved bridges of northern China were shaped like a rainbow. One of the first arch bridges in China was the Anji Bridge in Hebei. This bridge was compared to  a new moon rising above the clouds, a long rainbow drinking from a mountain stream by a Tang dynasty poet , and the name 虹桥hong qiao, or rainbow bridge, was given to many arching bridges whose shape was like that of a rainbow.

Rainbow Bridge in Mudu Jiangsu, China @www.spaceshipchina.com
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